Taxonomic lists in collection projects

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Can taxonomic lists be entered automatically or in batches (more than 4000 taxa) in the collection projects to filter the species?

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can you elaborate more on your proposed use case? how are you determining your list of taxa?

Thanks. I am a colleague of Manuel. We have made a couple of collection projects; e.g., Florapyr Alpinas ( for plants occurring on top of mountains. In “Requisitos del proyecto” we have uploaded a list of 600 plants manually so far. In parallel, we have made a list of true alpine plants (about 1000) as a .csv file, but we do not know to link it to the collection project. The same applies to another project: Florapyr-Pirineos (, but in this case the full list is a .csv containing over 4000 plants. Would it be possible/recomendable to link an specific .csv list to each project? thanks!

Currently the only way to get a list of taxa into a collection project is by manually adding each one. There is a pending request to allow using a list as a filter, you can vote for it and/or add to the discussion here.

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Thanks for your answers.

Okay, let’s hope that functionality will be available on the iNaturalist platform soon.

I’ll vote for it.


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