Cannot Access Certain Observations

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

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Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): When I attempt to access this specific observation, after about a second the screen goes blank and I cannot interact. I remember this problem happening in the past with other observations and remember it got fixed, but I can not find that thread.

there’s something wrong with the annotations on this observation. you can view the rest of it if you start with another observation first, collapse the annotations section on that, and then load this observation.

specifically, it looks like the observer made 3 annotations, and a user 6542488 agreed to these, but now that user no longer exists.

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I don’t know why this works, but you can access the observation in the iNaturalist platform for Mexico.

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Logged out for the Mexican site I see the obs.
Within ‘my’ iNat the obs flashes up. Then goes blank!

@raymie try logging out of iNat and viewing it whilst logged out?

Yeah, the issue is the Annotations section. Weirdly the user @pisum mentioned isn’t on our active or deleted users lists, I suspect that’s why the annotations aren’t loading properly.

I am able to load the page about 20% of the time without previously collapsing annotations (when it doesn’t flash and disappear as described above), but in that case the annotations section simply never finishes loading.

… however, am unable to follow the instructions per @pisum without immediately “crashing” the page to a plain white background, again as described above, so cannot see any reference to the glitched user.

you won’t be able to see references to the non-existent user from the web page front end. if you want to see such a reference, you need to go through the back end:


On Chrome the page loads fine for me, but when I scroll the page goes blank and everything disappears.

The account @pisum referenced was deleted in April. It looks like iNaturalist didn’t reindex all observations where that account had added annotations, which is what we think caused the problem here. It’s been reindexed and loads fine now.