Cannot Fix Phenology Error on my own observation

Hello! I have an observation of a spinystar cactus. The second photo shows it fruiting. However, I cannot change the phenology because someone else listed it as “not flowering.” Which is technically true, but it is fruiting. I would like to change it to fruiting but am new to the app (and iNaturalist,) and don’t know how. It seems like it won’t let me because of this other person’s vote. I think they only looked at the first photo, and that was why they did. It seems rude to downvote it, because it is technically correct, but I would still like to fix this.

I have listed two photos: One showing that the cactus is fruiting, and another showing that I cannot change to fruiting.

If anyone could give me any help or guidance on this I’d appreciate it.

Fruiting counts as “evidence of flowering”, so that person’s annotation is wrong. If you click the x to the right of the annotation on your second image I believe it will remove it so you can replace it with your fruiting annotation.

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Thank you for the explanation. I tried clicking on the x, and it would just show a loading circle for a split second, and then the “no evidence of flowering” would remain. Maybe I need to do it on a website instead of the app, or maybe it won’t let me change it because I am new?

I think there are only two people who can remove a wrong annotation: The person who made the annotation, and the observer. For anyone else, the x to remove annotations is grayed out and won’t work. On the website, it doesn’t even show the x, just the agree and disagree option. You can disagree with the wrong annotation and ask the observer and others who annotated it to remove/correct their annotations, but I think that’s all you can do.

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I wonder if there is a bug here; I find that I am no longer able to remove annotations by other people on my own observations.

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I am the observer – but it seems to be greyed out for me too :/ Someone else mentioned the same, so maybe it’s just a bug.

I did ask the person who made the annotation if they could change it, so hopefully that helps.

Hmm, that might be the case then. I’ll see if I can figure out how to make a bug report.

No one can change it except the person who made the annotation. See related topics:


It used to be possible to delete annotations on one’s own observations; the fact that one can still see a circle with an X beside other people’s annotations on one’s own observations (but not on other people’s observations) suggests that something is not working properly.


Hmm, ok, maybe it changed. I distinctly remember being able to remove somebody else’s annotation on my observation but it has been a while since I did that. In that case, another identifier actually pointed out the wrong annotation to me and suggested that I delete it so we would be able to add the correct annotation.


Brought this up with our team today. The original spec for annotations did include functionality for an observer to remove annotations, and the X showing there indiciates that the observer should be able to do that, so we decided to consider it a bug. I’ve added a Github issue here:


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This should be fixed now.

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