Can't add existing observation to new project

Platform windows pc and android

App version number,1.27.7
Browser, edge, chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:
Observations · iNaturalist United Kingdom

Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park · iNaturalist United Kingdom

Description of problem

Step 1: edit observation

Step 2: add to project

Step 3: click on project

nothing happens when clicking on project or pressing tick to complete

windows pc
Step 1: type in box “add to project”
nothing hapens

Welcome to the forum!
The project you linked is a collection project, meaning observations are not added manually. Instead, any observation meeting the requirements is automatically added to the project. Here are the project requirements:

If you have observations that you think meet these requirements, but are not getting included, please link directly to those observations and we can take a look. Remember that observations with obscured locations (e.g. threatened species) will not be included, nor will observations with a large location uncertainty.


OK, thanks for clearing that up

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