"Can't be improved" DQA change did not update for older records

In this feature request https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/implement-more-filtering-tools-for-casual-grade-observations/8838 I mention fixing “glitches” that I find. In that category of Unknown Casual, “glitches” are primarily of this type:

A record that has been marked by 1 user for this DQA: “Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved? => No, it’s as good as it can be”. When id’ed normally in the present day, it bounces up to Needs ID, as should currently be expected. (Currently, to fall down into Casual, a record needs to have that 1 DQA checkmark plus 2 coarse ids on it.)

I am guessing that in the past, the 1-checkmark-banhammer was deemed good enough, but that later the site was changed to need 1 checkmark plus 2 coarse id’s as we see now. During that transition, the set of older-checked records was maybe not set to be automatically updated to conform to the new behavior. As a result, there are some “rescuable” records stuck in Casual, and currently hard to find, that could achieve research grade in the future.

The lost records has been frustrating to some, eg “It’s very common perfectly identifiable bird bones get down voted as “cannot be improved” when the ID definitely can be improved, sometimes down to species.” from https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/biggest-peeve-among-naturalist/8675/48 . Although I have not seen bunches of bone records so far, I am dismayed by finding birds that I can personally id to species even if they are in shadow; or by many very clear scat piles or animal prints that an experienced tracker would know, even if the banhammerer decided that they could not.

I have been picking though the old Casuals to look for these. I assume that for records after the presumed transition date I mentioned above, that I will not find them. So, if my supposition about deliberate behavior change is correct, staff can you tell me what that transition date was, so that I know in what date range to look? Thanks if so!

If there was no deliberate change, then something else is going on that makes this a more typical bug report.

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