Can't click "Done" when ID'ing

This bug has been around for a while but its easy to get around.

  • In any observation go to “Suggest an Identification”, type something and then select something from the list (as per normal).
  • Click outside the suggestion box so that it loses focus (e.g. in the comments field).
  • Click back in the suggestion box and the suggestions list will pop up.
  • Without selecting anything from the list, click outside the list so that it loses focus and the list closes.

Although the originally selected ID still appears to be present you can’t click the “Done” button and submit (even though it is enabled). It appears the mere fact of opening up the list resets a hidden field for the actual ID.

The workaround is to simply reselect your ID from the list. But yesterday someone new to iNat rang me up asking for help! So it must be happening to other people. I’m using FireFox as my browser - I’m not sure what they use.


I think this might be identical or at least related to the report at Identify: Taxon selected but cannot save.

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yeah. I use Edge mostly, and I run into this all the time. putting the effort in to write up the problem would have been greater than the effort to just work around it. so I never wrote this up, but i’m glad someone did.

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yes, @danaleeling seems to be the same as reported by @bouteloua
This one can be closed.

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