Unable to "Suggest an identification" that is not in the "top species suggestions" list

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox, Edge

URLs: https://inaturalist.nz/observations/65615229

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

I am unable to enter anything in the “Species name” box that is not in the suggested list.

Step 1:
Type a preferred species in the “Species name” box

Step 2:
A suggested list comes up, presumably based on the AI

Step 3:
If the item i am typing is not in the list, I am unable to proceed. iNat will not let me enter anything that is not on the suggested list

Hi @cbeem, welcome to the iNat Forum and thanks for your report. I tried out logging into iNat NZ in Firefox and adding an ID of Leptospermum inclinans (and Leptostomum) and didn’t run into the same issue (or in Chrome, also on Windows 10). I’m not sure if it will be helpful, but just in case - can you open your browser console and take a screenshot of any messages that pop up there when you are trying to add an ID? It should just be F12 to open it in Firefox. Curious that it’s happening in both Firefox and Edge though!

Thanks. I’m pretty sure it’s a Window 10 issue. Autocomplete was also affected on other websites. I just updated to Windows 10 Pro 20H2 and rebooted, seems to be working now. But this has been an intermittent issue for me for weeks. Hopefully the new update will sort it. Nothing was obvious in the system or application event viewer logs. No idea.


Hi @bouteloua, no good, it is not working again. here is today’s attempt to ID a new observation:


In Firefox:


Maybe an extension issue? I would try turning off extensions in your browsers and trying again. I’m able to type in and enter an ID fine when using FF or Edge on my mac.

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I’m still having this issue intermittently. I’m pretty sure it’s a Windows 10 issue, because it affects all browsers when the problem exists. Also, in Windows 10 when this occurs, windows do not maximise correctly after being minimised. A reboot usually fixes it, until next time. I can’t find any error logs that seem to be even vaguely related to this.

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based on a quick web search, it looks like toolbarLib.js issues may be related to Trend Micro Antivirus Plus. so if that’s the antivirus package that you use, you may want to look to make sure you’ve installed it correctly and it’s updated. it could also be related to some other extension or possibly even some malware or a trojan, too…

that said, it’s not clear that your screenshot includes all the relevant errors that would be needed to diagnose the problem.

if you’re not getting seeing any other errors in the developer tools console, then check your antivirus program or:

Thanks for the tips. I’m pretty sure it’s a W10 problem (might just be related to my setup), because it also affects windows cascading (any minimised window won’t achieve focus if more than one window for any application is open). If I see this behavior after a boot then I know that autocomplete won’t work on any browser (I’ve tested this to death) so I just reboot. Cheers

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ok. so then it’s probably time to close out this bug report.

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