Can't log in with Facebook

Device Android 12 4.1

App version number 1.27.4 (546)

Issue Won’t let me log in with Facebook. App thinks I’m offline. I am confirmed online, everything else on the phone works normally

Description of problem

Step 1: Open app

Step 2: Click “Login with Facebook”

Things I’ve tried clearing the app cache, clearing the app memory, rebooting my phone, deleting the app and reinstalling


We’re in talks with Facebook to get this issue sorted out but I don’t know when that will happen.

If your email address is in our database, you can request a password reset email to be sent to you at If you follow the instructions there you will then have a password for your iNaturalist account which you can use, along with your username or email address, to log in to your iNaturalist account.

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Wondering if there is any update on this being fixed. My observations are piling up in my phone lol

You should be able to log in with Facebook again. But I’d highly recommend that

a) you add an email address to your iNaturalist account so that you can always request a password reset email (we don’t get your email address from Facebook sometimes, depending on your Facebook privacy settings)

b) you log in using your username/email address and password. Relying on a third party adds another potential point of failure and one which you have no control over.