"Log in using OAuth 2" page after logging in

I just logged in and three new tab has opened in the browser after having clicked on log in with the iNaturalist account button:

So I wonder what it means

Possibly related, I was asked to log in to the forum this morning. I don’t think I have had to do that since I signed up initially. When I try to log in using Safari on MacOS, I get a pop up window that says:

The change you wanted was rejected.

Maybe you tried to change something you didn’t have access to.

And the login fails.
I can still log in using Google Chrome on MacOS, or using Safari on iOS on an iPad.

I moved this to the Forum Feedback category, since it is specific to the Forum login and not to iNaturalist itself.

I had a similar and probably related issue today. Logging in to the forum via iNaturalist (on Win7 and FireFox), got a warning that popups from forums.inaturalist.org had been been blocked. Never happened previously, no recent changes to FireFox settings. After manually accepting the popups, got the same “Log in using OAuth” window, hit continue, and finally was logged in.

Some recent change in server credentials or certificates maybe?

thanks for your comments

I eventually figured out that I could get past the error by clearing the browser history in Safari.

I was getting the OAuth 2 and the rejected change messages. I cleared my browser history. I now consistently get a different message preventing me from logging in (attached screenshot). I’m on a MacBook Pro that I recently installed Mojave on, using Safari 12.1.2. Sometimes it seems to resolve itself, but other times it doesn’t and I have to keep trying until it finally lets me in. I use my iNat name and password, trying to log on through iNat.

Is this still happening, @paloma?

@tiwane, no, not lately

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