Help, I can't log in Inaturalist

Platform iOS 15.7.9

App version number iNaturalist version 3.2.13

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem
Step 1: the first time I logged into iNaturalist was in 2020, and I did so by syncing through Facebook, without a real account and without an email associated with it.

Step 2: now I want to log in again but the app asks me to log in by the account (that I haven’t), or for synchronization with Apple or Google. With facebook seems no possible anymore.

Step 3: if I try to enter the username (lorenzo223) and click on recover password, they ask me to enter the email (that I haven’t because i synchronized by facebook) to continue the procedure.

Step 4: I already tried to contact two days ago with no response.

How can I recover my original account named lorenzo223? Someone can help me please?
Sorry for my english, and sorry if I made any mistakes to making this post.
Thank you

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it would be best to send another polite email to the help address; it probably just slipped under the radar, they get a lot of emails every day


You did a good job explaining! iNat recently changed to requiring a verified email address for accounts, so this is probably the underlying cause of the issue. I agree that following up with the help email is the way to go. It may take a little bit, but they should be able to get your account access back!


I’m sorry Lorenzo, it looks like your email was routed to our spam folder. I’ll reply to you today.