Default image choice not displaying images

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Step 1: The species Ptychomnion densifolium currently lacks a default taxon image. Ijstead of an image, there is the message " This taxon has no default photo!" and a box that reads “Add One Now”.

Step 2: When I select “Add One Now”, there are no images to choose from in the box, whether I select “RG Observations” or “Observations”. However, although there is one (research grade) observation with two images of this species that has already been posted to iNat, neither of the images appear as choices to select as a default image.

Very interesting, I think I’ve come across this before but I just ignored it. Can replicate.

That is weird. The license on the photo is CC-BY so that’s not an issue. Interestingly, when I click the “View All” button link for observations of the species on the taxon page, it shows zero observations, so maybe that’s part of the issue? I have the same issue when clicking on the seasonality graph (shows no observations). I can access the observation by clicking on the photo itself or through the map.

I also noticed that the source is iNaturalist NZ. Not sure if that might be anything to do with the issue.

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I can see the observation plotted on the seasonality graph, and the links from “View All” and “View observation” both seem to work for me.

Looks like the View All and Seasonality links don’t work for me because it carries in my preferred location of US. If I remove that, it does work. Though it seems like when clicking on a page to see all observations of a species, that preferred location shouldn’t carry over in situations like this.

Another similar instance can be found at Pseudopanax crassifolius var. trifoliolatum.

There are four research grade observations, with a total of six images. However, only one of them shows up as a possible choice to select as the default image. Because it has not been selected yet, I am unable to open the image browser for this variety as the “View more” link at the bottom of the default image is not displayed.

I do not wish to select the one choice available because although it is marked as “research grade”, the original observer has withdrawn their variety level identification and replaced it with one at species level. This has left only a single user identifying the image to variety level, and the observation is (correctly) marked as research grade, but only at the species level.

The second observation has two identifications at the variety level and is (correctly) marked as research grade.

The third observation has three observers all identifying it to variety level, but with an additional comment that this is likely a hybrid (Pseudopanax crassifolius × lessonii) and not a true variety of Pseudopanax crassifolius.

The fourth observation has two observers each identifying it to variety level, but also with the additional comment that this is likely the hybrid Pseudopanax crassifolius × lessonii

Why don’t the other five images show up as RG choices for default image? Especially as the one image that is offered is “not” RG at the variety level?