No photos available on taxon page photo editor, but there are several observations

On this taxon page:
If I try to edit the photos to add a(nother) default photo, nothing appears.
But there are currently 8 observations of this taxon:

I know a workaround, and was able to add a default photo by searching for an observation ID. But why aren’t there any photos displayed?

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Interesting – if in the pop-up menu of photo sources you pick “RG Observations” instead of the default “Observations”, then the iNaturalist photos do appear. But clearly anything that is an “RG Observation” should also count as an “Observation”, so there’s definitely something funny going on here.


When I select Research Grade observations, the RG ones show up in the left pane. But going back to just (all) Observations, nothing appears. Definitely seems buggy!

I am getting usually one page of photos, but no more. Sometimes I get two pages…

For this specific taxon, or for any taxon? If the latter, can you please share examples?

For a couple of taxa, but I can’t now remember what they were. When I come across it again, I’ll add links here.

Here’s one with 539 RG observations.

I can see the photos. Does it make a difference if you change your place filter? Do you currently have a place filter?

No place filter set. But I was switching between the drop-down options just now and it’s weird – RG seems to be working pretty consistently, but the plain Observations setting is totally off and on. Sometimes no results found and sometimes everything is fine.

This is a great bug - can we make this a feature? Too many photos on species pages are unconfirmed observations (of other species). Display RG photos only, might reduce this issue.

We’ve previously discussed at least defaulting to RG photos – @tiwane said he would put in the request, but I don’t know if anything has happened.


I believe that discussion was about the the taxon photo browser, not the photo editor.

I must have misunderstood, I thought it was about both things since the thread I linked to included the suggestion to default to RG on the taxon photo chooser.


It now seems to take while, and i had to switch several times between the options before regular observation pix showed up. might be my slow connection.

I just tried again – out of maybe 20 attempts on the regular Observations, I got one fail. Out of about 20 tries on RG Observations I got all fails.

Neither RG nor “all” obs photos are appearing. I can select photos from other sources like Flickr and Commons though.

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Hmm. For me, the first “Observations” screen didn’t load any photos, then accidentally switched to Flickr (was going for RG!) and those loaded. Now I can load regular but not RG iNat obs. Weird…

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It now toggles between RG and Observations (which used to be All?)

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