Case Sensitivity With Tags In Guides

I was adding tags to species in a project when I noticed something odd: the “Petal Color” tag was separated into two groups, one set containing White and Yellow, the other containing all the other colors. I looked at the tags for white and yellow, and sure enough, I had made a simple case error. No big deal. I changed the case on all the white and yellow tags (luckily I had only tagged about 10 species so far). I looked at the guide tag list again, and “petal color” was still split up. I went back and double checked the tags only to find that they had reverted to their original (incorrect) state. I tried editing them several more times, including deleting the offending tags and adding them again after saving, but nothing seems to work. Any help in getting around the issue (or just fixing it) would be greatly appreciated!


Yes this bug has been there from day one with the guides. If the guide software would just kindly forget tags that were deleted, you could delete all the offending tags and start again. But it remembers them, and corrects your new entries back to whatever you first entered.
(I document this in the “Bugs and limitations” section of my tutorial

The only work around that I know is forget about your original “petal color” and “Petal color” tags - delete them from every page, and carefully add a new version eg “Color of petals” or “Petal colour” if you like British English.

This bug is really annoying if some of the images you upload have tags in their meta data with the wrong case version of your tags.



Ok, I will change them, it shouldn’t be too hard to change them as I only added a few tags before I noticed the issue. Thanks!!

I want to mention that Guides are presented “as is” and will likely not be updated at all. Please see: I’ve updated the About the Bug Reports Category topic to reflect this.

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Ok, Thanks!