Casual observations incorrect in life list

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Any

If I look at birds in my life list:

I can see I have Genus Picus in my list:

Currently my only observation in this genus is a casual observation of Picus viridis. So shouldn’t this be Picus viridis? There was a taxon change on Picus viridis 10 months ago so this could be connected.

Similarly if I look at reptiles I have Vipera lotievi which I have never seen. Clicking the links sends me to a casual observation of Vipera berus.

Some casual observations have populated the correct species (e.g. Lutra Lutra)

I had a similar issue. I had a sighting of the Iberian Green Woodpecker (P. sharpei) that had been entered as a European Green Woodpecker because that’s what it was called when I saw it. Of course, the taxon changed when sharpei was split off, but my life list still listed the record as P. viridis and an inactive taxon.

I fixed it as follows:

Open that subset of your lifelist (birds, snakes, etc).
Under tools choose Reapply List Rules.
Then choose Reload from Observations

When it reloads, your lifelist should be fixed and the record should point to the right taxon.
See if that works for you.


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Thanks. Reapply List Rules changed it to Vipera, then Reload from Observations changed it to Vipera berus. It also added Anolis sagrei which confused me until I remember I photographed them on my one brief visit to the US. No idea why that wasn’t there.

I ran it on the whole list after that as I’m guessing I might have other things missing.

Just a note that these older life lists are being deprecated (“they will become normal user lists”) and replaced with the newly designed life list feature which was released a couple weeks ago.


Thanks. I looked at the blog post earlier and completely missed that the link to new Life List was in the same banner as the link to the blog post :laughing: I must be tired!