Checklists: How to delete species and how to find subspecies?

When I am using the checklists of certain places such as Colombia I have some difficulties, such as deleting a species that should not be in the checklist, for example if I would want to delete the species Verbena brasiliensis from the Colombian checklist.

I know that there is an option to “edit taxa” and that this shows you a list of all taxa within the checklist and gives you the option to delete them, but they are too many! and so far I have not found a way to search for a specific taxon or filter them.

Now the second problem, if I add a subspecies, for example Aragoa occidentalis refracta
I can edit it

but if I try to search for a subspecies that is already in the checklist I cant find it
Only the species appears, not the subspecies
I don’t know if these characteristics that allow to search for subspecies or eliminate taxa are exclusive for curators.

I can help you with your subspecies finding problem. Down on the right-hand side, below the search box, and below the “Agregar a la lista” button, there are a list of checkbox options: For “Rango: especie hojas cualquiera”, choose “cualquiera” and then hit the “Filtro” buton after your search for either the species or subspecies. At that point, either all the subspecies or the specific one you are looking for should appear.


Thank you, I had not realized that there was that option

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I looked at the other problem. Normally, when I click on the “Edit” button under the checklisted species, I have the option to delete it on the next screen, and I think you would, too. But you may not be able to delete Verbena brasiliensis from the checklist because there are two research grade observations of that species already in Brazil.

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So, even though you “think” it shouldn’t be there, our observations have established that it is. If you are sure the observations are misidentified (for instance, if you know it’s an endemic of somewhere else), your only recourse is then to convince the identifiers that they are incorrect, or convince others to overrule the identification.

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Yes, species from the list that don’t present observations have the option to delete it.

About V. brasiliensis, I identified the only five observations of this species in Colombia as V. litoralis because in POWO is not present in Colombia and because in the “Catalogo de Plantas y Líquenes de Colomba” V. brasiliensis is not reported for Colombia and is treated as a synonym of V. litoralis. Anyway, in the checklist the option to delete it is no available yet, I think because It needs time to refresh.

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