How does the check list from a country gets created?

Hello everyone !
I have been recently updating the checklist of Uruguay to improve the data about the establishment means of some invasive species. On doing this I found within the list some species that have never been recorded in the country, not even as introduced, and do not have records on iNat for the country either (e.g. Sciurus aestuans or Eira barbara) So I was wondering, how do the checklists get created? The same with those of a lower administrative area. Pure curiosity :)

Thanks !


Multiple ways

  • by the addition of observations
  • by the addition of a range map to a species which covers that geography
  • lists can be manually bulk uploaded if they are available from an external source
  • taxa can be manually and individually added by any user.

In most cases if you go into edit mode on the record it will show the source of the listing, without looking from memory it is at bottom left.


So for example the squirrel is on the list as the range map loaded for it which likely comes from IUCN includes parts of northern Uruguay. Or at least it thinks it does as that is cited as the source. Zooming in on the range I cant see where it crosses the border but the polygons that define borders are not 100 percent precise.


Awesome ! Thanks for your reply :)
I hadn’t check on the taxon information, I see now. I actually thought it had to do with something related to the range of the species, that maybe touched the border of the country and in that way it got inclued but could not decipher how cause the same does not happen with others. Cool ! Learning new stuff every day.

Cheers @cmcheatle !


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