Choose icon colors for genus/species/taxon and other fields

Currently icon colour represents a broad bio-form type like birds or plants, which is fine for a show-everything search, but loses its value when you do a specific search.
If you search for a genus you’ll often get results across just a few different species, if you search a family, across a certain number of genera (or species), or if searching a species, a certain number of subtaxa.
It would be useful therefore when doing a filter to be able to choose an option of what determines icon colour - family, genus, species, taxon (and possibly some other levels) - but you might want also the icon colour to represent month of year, person submitting, or any other useful field. It would be up to the user to choose something sensible because the system would clearly have a certain number of colours to use and thereafter wrap around the colour rota for the entries and provide a note where that had happened.
Thus if I were to search for Parietaria in Turkey with icons coloured by species I would get a small number of colours utilised and it would make the map much more meaningful when looking at.
Cheers, David

You can use filters for lowest taxon level and months, colours for species won’t work with any genus that has more than 10-15 species, some have many hundreds.

Some genera do have lots of species when viewed across a large country, many don’t, but when viewing a particular locality usually even the large genera won’t have too many members present. The idea is that the user would use it when appropriate, such as when viewing an area they are going to be in which may for example have a radius of 10 km.

Any option using colours, needs personal settings for the colour blind.

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According to google, 1 in 12 men are colour blind, and 1 in 200 women, and the majority is inability to distinguish red and green.
That’s actually quite a high percent (4%), I’d forgotten it was that high and worth bearing in mind with other things.
It would be good to accommodate them though I think that’s probably best met as a general question for the whole website since coloured markers are already used for the main categories that include e.g. red and green markers.
I wonder also if there are general programs on computers (or browsers too) for the colour blind designed to shift colours so that no ambiguous colouring arises.

Doesn’t ‘affect’ me, but it has come up before on other threads.