Choosing main image on upload

I feel there must be an easy answer to this, but after several moths of iNat use I still haven’t found/figured out an answer.

When uploading from the web interface, if I have an observation that has multiple images, how can set which one I want as the main image for the observation? I know I can go into the obs after it’s on the site and change the photo order, but it would save a lot of time to just set it on the upload.

Bonus points if you can tell me how to upload multiple photos immediately into one observation, rather than ‘combining’ in the upload interface!

Thanks all

When using the web uploader, the photo being added to will be first. So if I have two photos of a plant, one of the flower and one of the leaf, and I want the flower to be first, I would drag the leaf photo onto the flower photo and drop it. It will be placed second after the flower photo.

Here’s a tutorial showing you how to add more photos and sounds to an already-existing observation:

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Great - thanks for the tip @tiwane!

Create a “no photo” observation, then open the observation. In your filemanager, select all the photos you want, and then drag and drop them all onto the observation.

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Thanks @kiwifergus. Now that you say it, it makes sense. Bonus points awarded! ;)


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