Controlling image order on observations in the web uploader

I don’t see much use for reordering the observations, but what would be a lot of use would being able to set the image order within in each observation at the time of upload instead of having to edit the observation later to do that.

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You can control this by the order in which you drag and drop images onto each other.


I’ve tried that in the past and never had it work. Maybe it’s changed with this update? I’ll try again next time I upload an observation with multiple images.

This is how it should work. If it’s not working like this, let me know.

Let’s say I want to combine these three photos (I’m using multiple organisms in this example to make it easier to differentiate them). The photo I drag other photos into will be shown first in the resulting observation. So let’s say I want the duck photo to be first and the white flowers photo second. I would drag the photo of the white flowers into the duck.

I can look through the photos in the resulting combined observation and the flowers is listed second:

Now if I want the purple flowers photo to be third, I’ll drag that into the combined observation.

If I submit the observation, that order persists:



It has always been that way, to my recollection. I think part of the confusion with the ordering comes from when you drag a multiple selection, and it drops the one the mouse click-dragged first, then the rest in the order displayed. Often it is the last in the selection range that is used to drag the selection. If you click the last then shift-click the first and drag using the first, it is the first that drops first. Ditto if you highlight 3 in a selection and click-drag the 2nd, it will be the 2nd that drops first, so the drops go in 2-1-3 order. These examples from a PC perspective, I don’t know the iThings way!

Ah, generally I select the relevant observations and hit “combine”. I’ve never dragged them onto each other as that seems to defeat the purpose of having a “combine” button and if you have a variety of observations, each with more than one photo it’s a time-consuming and non-obvious way of going about it.

To my mind the way it should work is that you select the relevant images, hit “combine”, then use the picture window (see below) to pick the photo you’d like to be the primary photo.

That would be a lot smoother and more intuitive.

Dragging them like that seems to defeat purpose of the ‘combine’ button.

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it would be cool if there were buttons, maybe below the left and right for moving between the images, to allow shifting it’s position left or right. ie arrows for “go to next/prev” and arched arrows for “move to after next / before prev”

Given that it’s during the upload phase, I’d suggest that the left < and right > keys be the ones to select which photo is the primary one for the observation. I think additional buttons would just complicate things.

I remember finding the uploader confusing at first. Soon got used to it and figured everything out. Having the extra buttons wouldn’t make it much more confusing than it already was, and would have the advantage of making the function of the left and right to “browse” the images on the card much clearer that it is just a “browse”, not a “re-organise”. In other words, if there is one button that could do two possible things, then it would be understandable for some to confuse what the button is supposed to do, but if there are two buttons to do two different things, then it just comes down to how clear is it that each lines up with it’s intended purpose. Not sure if I’ve explained that well… oh well…

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