Classfying observations by habitat, how?

Often, identifiers or researchers on iNat are specifically interested in Land, Marine or Freshwater taxa, as well as specific taxonomical groups.

How can we classify our existing and future observations by habitat, efficiently?

I have a few ideas below, and I’d like to hear what you guys think would be the most efficient and useful for this purpose:

・Using a Traditional project (adding observations manually- using bulk edit)

・Adding Observation field manually :arrow_right: Collection project

・Making a collection project by filtering in marine-specific taxa and filtering out non-marine taxa

・Using Tag :arrow_right: Explore

・Noting the habitat in the Description :arrow_right: Explore

A problem is that the borders between Marine, Freshwater, Land are sometimes unclear. However I think that this can be solved by classifying those observations in both habitats.

just noting that you can’t base a collection project on observations fields, only on annotations


Check out the Queensland Intertidal and Subtidal Ecosystem Classification Scheme - based on biophysical attributes

Based on eight core attributes, it is possible to classify habitats at a seascape to habitat scale (1:50,000 to 1:25,000 or below)
I’ve added the following attributes as observation fields and am populating these fields for all of my observations. Fields are:

Based on combinations of these attributes, 92 habitat types were classified in Central Queensland. Optionally these attributes can be lumped or split, or additional relevant attributes from the Scheme added.


All of the attributes can potentially have qualifiers of change, i.e. naturalness, percent cover, biomass etc.


I live in a region that was excellent habitat mapping GIS data (polygon & raster) available. I can export any observation set I desire as GIS point data, throw the habitat mapping under it and from there its a simple process to map the habitat any point is in to a data field in the point data. I’m not sure if there any way to bulk upload back to iNat from there though.


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