Classify observations into Ecological Community Types or Habitats

It would be excellent if a photo could be uploaded and then classified to Ecological Community or habitat type. Ecological Units: all natural communities and ecological systems thus far defined by NatureServe as part of the International Ecological Classification Standard: Terrestrial Ecological Classifications with an emphasis on the contiguous United States, Hawaii, and parts of Canada for associations and alliances, and the United States and adjacent Canada and Mexico for ecological systems.

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Hi @plantgirl1, I moved this from Feature Requests to General. I think habitat/ecological community is best captured through the personal use of tags or observation fields.

Habitats are non-Linnean and probably not going to be reasonably standardized on an international website. Even in my area of the US, different ecologists will use different terminology for the same piece of land, and no one I know uses the NatureServe classification.

yep. There are so many different ways to describe ecological communities, it’s better to choose the one that works for you and then use an existing field or add a new field for them. i use the Natural Communities field and a local vermont classification system,as different areas have different systems.

In Southern Africa we have a project to achieve this: . We add a field to every observation and add the observation to the Habitat Southern Africa project. This groups all observations that fall in the same habitat.


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