Can't upload a profile photo

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mac os big sur 11.7.8

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Firefox 124.0.2

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Step 1: click ‘upload new photo’

Step 2: select photo

Step 3: click ‘save settings’

Step 4: watch as photo disappears when the page refreshes

… and NOW, after posting this, I see my test photo showing up next to my name on this page! It still doesn’t show up on my obs pages, or on map pop-ups, or on my profile page, however.

This is usually a caching issue with your browser. Try hard refreshing your profile page.

I see your profile pic:


Sometimes changing language solves this kind op problems. Or waiting.

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I cleared history, caches, etc. Right now, not only do I see NO ONE’s profile pic, except here, where they all show up, but a significant number of images on the identify page come up with a broken symbol, and won’t appear for me - though I can see that others have been commenting on the images.

Changing languages? Sure, I’ll try anything; how do I do that?

May be part of this bug ?

Could be - I erased all history, restarted, ran First Aid, restarted the browser (Firefox), and now it seems all the images are showing up. I updated my profile photo prior to all that, and although it has not changed HERE, it HAS changed on the iNat site. So - mostly win? I’m fairly content, anyway :-)

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If you have a separate Forum profile, you can change the picture here too? I use iNat to log in.