How to add observations to projects

I’m having a really hard time finding any help on this platform, specifically to advise me on how to add one of my existing observations to an existing project. Help would be much appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum! Could you link to the project and to some observations you would like to be in the project? Different projects have different requirements and different ways of adding observations.

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Hello, you can use the two pictures I posted as a guide, anyway, in the upper right corner of the page there will be an option to add an index, click on it and select the picture of the creature you took. Just fill in the blanks with the species information you identified and confirmed

check to see if this explains it

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Collection project or traditional project ?

@paul_prior I took a look at the projects you belong to and noticed that half of them are collection projects - with those your observations should fall within the automatic catchment of the project unless your accuracy is beyond the geographical boundaries (or obscurred?).

For the two projects that are traditional (Ground Nesting Bees and Plants of Madagascar) there is a tutorial for adding here

Let me know if that works for you or what could be changed.