Collection projects shown under "Add Projects" box

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The Add Projects box displays collection and umbrella projects that cannot be added - they clutter up the filtered matches.
And they confuse novices by adding the message “collections projects cannot be added” - when they are displayed in the Add Projects box!!

Please only show/display/filter projects that can be added in the “Add to a project” box.


It should be a feature request imo as it’s not a bug, just coded that way.

This one is a bug; the list only ever used to show traditional projects, but some time in the past 3 weeks collection projects also started appearing. I first noticed it around 17 days ago


Hm, I remember it was always showing all projects I was in, no matter which kind. Anyway should be fixed!

No it is a new “feature”! I have joined several hundred projects, but only a dozen or so traditional projects> But now (since I last used the site 3 weeks ago) the dropdowns are suddenly cluttered and I cannot access the traditional projects to add them - at least not without remembering and typing in a large portion of the title. It never used to be like this, although this bug did surface a few years ago but was fixed.

And it is not only on the observations, but also in the UPLOAD module, if you try and add a project.
They also all display in BATCH Edits: Add to Project - but I dont know if they used to previously or not, although I think I would have noticed.

But it is definitely a bug: you cannot add a project that you cannot add - displaying such projects under “add a project” and then reporting “you cannot add this project” is hardly a useful feature

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Yes this is definitely a very annoying and time-consuming bug. Only appropriate traditional projects used to show up before a few weeks ago. Now pages of non-applicable collection and umbrella projects show up.


This should be fixed now, looking good for me. How about you all?

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fixed for me :)

fixed: thanks!