Ugh member of a project it doesn’t show up in drop down for adding observation

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Step 1: go to observation

Step 2: click drop down by add to project

Step 3: doesn’t list all my projects. Want to add to Carrizo Plain

Project you mentioned is a collectional one, you can’t add observations manually there, they’re added by filters.


@naturephotosuze please see this FAQ:

Thanks. I’m not sure why this would be restricted as the observations are in the bounding box and I see others in the same area were able to add observations but maybe they have special access?

I might also add that when you look at the project Carrizo Plain biodiversity I have many observations already in the project…so perhaps it was restricted by date?

This is not the case; it is not possible to have special access to any collection project. Any and all observations you see in either this project or any collection project filtered into them automatically. It is not possible to manually add observations to a collection project (for anyone).

If you have observations already in the project, it’s because they were collected automatically. The project is not restricted by date; you can see its filters here:

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I think I figured out why that observation you linked isn’t going into the project. If you zoom in on the areas defined for the project, you’ll see it isn’t just one big continuous area, there are a number of ‘gaps’. E.g., if you zoom in on the southern third of the area for the project, you see this:

Note the many empty spaces not covered by the yellow; these are not included for the project. If we now go to your observation, zoom into the location, and then match it to my screenshot above, your observation is in one of those blank spots.


Nice sleuthing, @thebeachcomber. @Naturephotosuze you might want to message the owner of that project and see if they can change the project’s Place to

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Thanks. That explains also why I wasn’t able to add some other endangered animals in the project before. It seems odd that they would define the project with those boundaries as the whole place is Carrizo Plain. Thanks again for your info and advice! Very helpful!

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