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I have joined/been invited to 13 projects however when uploading my observations only 5 projects are listed for me to choose from in the Add A Project window drop-down menu. The location and other criteria for the relevant project is met and sometimes those projects are automatically included in my observation but not always.
Can all projects be listed on the drop-down menu when observations are added?

Not all projects allow you to add observations by yourself, maybe that’s the case?


Yep, I have joined a few collection projects and I don’t ever see those listed as available to select in my drop-down menu

@ribes2018, are the missing projects umbrella/collection projects?

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You will not be able to add umbrella or collection projects, they pick up observations automatically. You won’t see them listed under the projects heading for the observation view unless you “join” those projects.

This next bit is my understanding, the actual implementation may vary slightly: When you go to select a project, you will be offered a list based on projects you have joined (and never umbrella or collection projects, see above). If you start to type a project name, then the list gets rebuilt, and as you get further into the name it starts to drag in project names that you haven’t signed up for. Sometimes the trigger for this rebuilding of the list gets a little out of sync, in which case just pause briefly, then type one more letter of the name, and the list should build correctly.

If it still doesn’t behave as you expect, copy some urls of project and/or observations and paste them into your reply here in the forum and state what it is that you expect to happen, there are many of us that are happy to take a look and see what the problem might be.


There’s also an FAQ about this an other questions about projects:

Yes, already aware of this as is the Project Admin. He is trying to figure the problems out. thanks

Project URL for FBP Native Plant Nursery:
Project admin: brucen

I am testing the project with the first observation posted:
Becasue this is a native Plant Nursery each obs is suppose to be marked as “cultivated”
When I do that the observation is not accessible to the project Admin.
Does the project have to “50 verifiable observations” to create a project?
Any guidance would be most helpful ~ thank you Gail

The observation has to meet these requirements to show up in the project. Since it’s a Collection project, observations can’t be added manually. Note specifically that it must have an annotation for Plant Phenology, which seems a bit strict, since vegetative plants will currently be excluded, and because insects and arachnids will not be able to be annotated with plant phenology.


Thank you I have passed this on to the Project Administrator.

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