Common name capitalization issue - "and" in Danish


Change site language to Danish.

Species common name shows as Sortbrun and, when of course all common names are supposed to be in full capital case, ie this should be Sortbrun And.

I assume there is some kind of issue related to the Danish word for duck, which is And (if anyone cares Donald Duck in Danish is known as Anders And).

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I don’t know what the standard is for common names, but whenever I add them for Portuguese I put it with hyphens between the words. Perhaps doing so with Sortbrun-And will keep the second word capitalized?

All common names are automatically shown in capital case regardless of how they entered into the database, however that computer code seems to be failing here.

I suspect there is a hard coded rule in their formatting code to ignore the word and so it appears in lower case in English and that Danish ducks are a casualty of that. If do, it will be closed quickly by the staff as a non bug and intended behaviour.

If or more likely when the devs say yes it is a hard coded rule, is it then possible to change the rule to act on 'and ’ ie with a trailing space. There are I imagine no cases where and is the last word in any English common names and would then fix this.

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But “and” is an English word, so the rule should only apply to English common names. It seems like a bug to apply it to other languages. Or to put it another way: every language should have its own list of words that shouldn’t be capitalised.