Newly rolled out Swedish translation is not displaying common names in Swedish

Running the site in Swedish, which I see has been recently rolled out, even in cases where a species has a Swedish common name entered, it is not displaying.

So for instance, this species which has a Swedish common name entered, it is not working:


It may be worth checking your account setting to see what you have “Names-Places” set to.


That is not required when the site is translated into a language. It is only needed when either:

  • the site has translations in a language but the site itself is not translated
  • cases where there are multiple names within a single language you want to choose between.

Normally i run the site in Danish language, but with common names set to use from Canada. When I do this I see all the Danish names (I leave the Canada in place so when I do switch back to English, I at least see names I am familiar with). Switching over to Swedish language, I am seeing no common names at all, not Swedish ones, or any at all.

For instance:
Larus marinus

  • running in Danish language with use names for Canada I see ‘Svartbag’ as the common name for the species as it entered as a Danish translation. ‘Svartbag’ is not set to be used in Denmark, nor if it were would i see it, as I am using Canadian names
  • running in Swedish I see ‘Larus marinus’ as the name, no common name at all is applied, even though there is one entered for Swedish

This very small problem was what i was saying

I got good names on my iphone but partly on the website but it is only a very small problem…with picture : you can see that Plants which do have a dutch name do not always show this…but sometimes does show it.

I am using the site in English and setting my names to German, this works fine (if there are German names available). If I change my translation to any other language (I did not try them all) I still get the German names but site interface in another language.

I though maybe your Names-Place were set to something else which would overwrite the Swedish translation. This seems not to be the case.

Indeed if remove the Names_Place setting and translate the site to Swedish I also only see scientific names.
Maybe the “Swedish” of the site translation is not properly linked to the “Swedish” of the common names, thus th site thinks there are no translated names?

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I can replicate, we’ll take a look.

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Sorry about that folks, we need to make a slight change in the code when we have new translation locales to ensure that people viewing the site in a particular locale see common names that match that language. Usually we try to update that when we get newly translated locales, but I guess we overlooked Swedish. It should be fixed now.