Common Name not Exporting in English

When I export records from a traditional project using the “Export with Hidden Coordinates” tool, the common_name field’s values are appearing in what I believe is Spanish. All of the other fields appear in English.

My locale for my profile is set to English. I did the same export last week and did not have this problem. I am using Firefox.

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Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with

I did an export today and the names are back to English!

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Now today the common name field is either blank or has a bunch of characters like this: Малый козодой

@a_b which project are you exporting from?

Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre,

Thanks @a_b. I have so far been unable to find other languages or odd characters for common names in exports from that project under my own user account, using the same locale as you (en).

I tried it again today and it’s exporting in English, so I’ll just hope the problem doesn’t come back again!

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