Common name preferences in Seek

In South Africa it shows weird American horticultural names for our plants that no one here has heard of. (presumably some cultivars available in the northern hemisphere?).
Since it only shows common names, it is very confusing to use - familiar plants with strange names…
Our local names - where these differ from American names - are stored under place “southern Africa” - it would be far more useful if these names were used instead (or if there was an option to use local names). [note that “southern Africa” is not in the Africa > South Africa place hierarchy, so perhaps that might be an issue).


It would be great to have more options on selecting regional names or a specific language for the taxa, independent of the system language of the cell phone. Because of Seek, I changed my phone’s language to English, because the German translation within the app was unbearable to me, but still sometimes I would like to have the names displayed in German. I am also missing an option to switch to the scientific names being displayed as well. Thinking about it, using Seek not only to get to know species but also their names in different languages would be neat, but this is maybe asked too much :)

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