Change of names in the Seek app?

Hi there, I am using the iOS version of Seek running v. 2.14.2 (252). In the Seek app, plant names have been changed. Everywhere- the camera, information page, related species, etc.- there have been name changes to specific plants. Often it shows the scientific name, to the point I believed it was a bug showing the scientific names instead of the common names, but I have just noticed other name changes that aren’t scientific, which makes me believe that this is an intentional change. Examples and pictures are given below.

My question is, why did this change happen? I miss seeing the common names and the interesting descriptions of the plant in each name. Reading just the Latin names doesn’t tell me much about a new species I have found, and I can’t find out what it is until I connect to the internet and look it up. Aside from the loss of common names, other name changes remove local names for plants. Here in New Zealand, akeake (Dodonaea viscosa) has become varnishleaf. I enjoyed learning the Maori names, and it was even a selling point that I would make to many people to get involved.

So why the change? I’m not sure if I needed to post this in feature requests, but is there any way to revert this change? It isn’t very helpful and leaves out a lot of good information to know. If anyone else has noticed this or has any information, do pipe up, I would love to hear what you have to say :) Thank you!

Akeake → Varnishleaf (Dodonaea viscosa)
Chinese Weeping Willow → Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)
European Raspberry → Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)
Garden Pansy → Viola wittrockiana
Rosemary → Salvia rosmarinus

Are the names in Seek now the same as in iNaturalist?
I guess common names are now reguarly updated…
but it looks there is a common name in English but it is not shown in Seek.

Instead, let’s update all of the common names every time the app version changes.

Names Red Raspberry, Varnishleaf, and Weeping Willow are the same across Seek and iNaturalist, while Rosemary and Garden Pansy are listed on iNaturalist but not on Seek. I understand something about how there should be different names for specific localities (?) but I haven’t heard much and my understanding is very poor. If this is the case, have I been “booted off” the local area, and cannot see the names I was seeing before? (Akeake, Garden Pansy, etc.)
If common names are regularly updated why does it seem like they have forgotten a good handful of them? I can give more examples of affected species if it would help

The more examples the better. But I think iNaturlist staff should answer if a code change recently caused this change in common names…

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