Improving translation in Seek?

Who did the translation of the app Seek into German, Google translate or a native speaker?

I would also engage in the translation if possible. The translation is so horrible, I barely could recommend the app due to this. For example, in the live view when the AI reaches the level of ‘Genus’, in German it shows ‘Geschlecht’ (meaning ‘gender’) - here, also Genus would be the right term.
Another example: When you reach the level of a ‘cub’, in German you become a ‘Becher’ (beaker or mug). How is this even happening, it is CUB, not CUP?!


Also, as already requested by me in another topic, I would like to be able to switch languages within the app, but I don’t know if this is easy to be implemented.
When switching the phone language, the species are permanently stored in their respective language at the timepoint of shooting, so it looks that weird now:

(and btw, I never saw Idaea costiguttata, as this is a Chinese species, not a European one. Hope a possibility to change the ID (or delete it) retroactively will be implemented)

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Seek translations are crowd-sourced with help from volunteers via the Crowdin translation platform. We welcome anyone to help with translation. Please visit for more information.


Ok, just did it - almost complete now :)

When you do not change language the name of the species are also in English. I have no idea what triggers the language of the common names, but it often returns to English as default.

The plant and the Meal Moth have German names, also in the app. In my case, this was for sure due to switching the system language

Another glitch I found:
when a word in the side bar is too long (which might easily happen in German :grinning:), one has letters ‘stuck’ on the main screen

Can the font size be adjusted?

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