Commonly seen Caterpillars

For a project I’m working on I would like to see which Caterpillars (Larva of Lepidoptera) are most often seen on a US State by State basis. I don’t think there is a way to do this via the search function as you can’t search by life stage. I can obviously see which are the most commonly seen Lepidoptera in any particular State but this often bears little relation to whether they are being observed as adults or larva. Many species are seen often as adults but not as larva and vice versa. Anyone know of a workaround?

In the “Annotations” section of any observation that is annotated as life stage: larva, you can click on the “life stage” text, like this:

From there you can then explore all observations that are annotated as larva. The URL will be something like

which you can then manipulate to include any other criteria you want. Here are all lepidopteran larvae in Massachusetts, for example:


You can search by life stage (if annotated) in Explore by using the search terms explained in this thread. This of course relies on people having annotated their observations, but it’s probably the best way to search by life stage.


That’s exactly what I was looking to do, thank you.


Maybe this project will help you.


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