Community>People page not loading correctly

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For the past 48 hours whenever I go to Compunity>People, it hangs. Get working cursor but web page never shows up. Well I didn’t wait longer than 30 seconds or so.

I just tried it and it took about 25 seconds to load. Good broadband connection, Firefox latest, on Windows.

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Tested, took 48 seconds on Firefox. My internet isn’t the best though.

“Community>People hanging”

Is it just me, or could that title benefit from being re-worded?


Same problem for me (~25 seconds this morning, last night it actually gave me a 504 error). Also an issue (which I’ve noted before), I consistently never appear on the page for some reason despite being a curator

It takes about 5 seconds to load for me on mobile Chrome.

And I see you listed.

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9/10 times when I open the people page I’m not there, occasionally I notice one or two other people missing too

Thanks for the laugh!! I didn’t realize what I was saying…:-)


:) my first reading took it as “people chilling”, ie hanging out, but a second look thought, “crikey, that could be taken more than one way!” Wasn’t seriously challenging it, more for the humour of it!

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I’m using Safari. Earlier today, I had the problem of it taking a while to load after clicking “people.” Now nothing happens.

Took a second or so for me. Anyone else still getting hang ups for this page?

Works for me now.

OK, I’ll close this bug report, then.