Community Taxon confused

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lizziepop suggested an ID of Hymenagaricus with a note
Hymenagaricus nigrovinosus
as this species was not in the dictionary.

I used the external provider to upload
Hymenagaricus nigrovinosus
and saved.

At first iNat said that I disagreed with the genus Hymenagaricus - and when I checked the species was parented to “Life” which made sense.
When I refreshed, it removed my disagreement, having regrafted the species to the correct genus, but kept the “Maverick” status.

Some 15 minutes later I was still a maverick, and the community ID was Agaricales - instead of the Hymenagaricus (genus) that I expected, and the reasoning can perhaps be seen on the About - where although everything scores 1, the ID is not to the lowest level of 2 IDs with 2/3 agreements.

Not a serious bug, but suggestive of an issue somewhere. I presume it will refresh properly when anyone adds another ID.

I IDed as Fungi, which removed your Maverick status.
Then deleted my ID. Back to working as intended.

This sounds like:

  • the “Maverick” status is a flag in the database (on the identification),
  • the “Maverick” flag was not re-computed after regrafting the taxon.

This would mean a software bug consisting in a missing trigger for re-computing the flag after regrafting a taxon. It also means that regrafting a taxon is able to induce inconsistent identification status (either inconsistent “Maverick” status or inconsistent missing “Maverick” status) on many observations.

Likely worth fixing this bug (by adding the missing trigger).