Incomplete taxon swap bug creating two maverick IDs and no agreeing IDs

Hard to describe this one, but here is a link below:
It seems that the taxon swap partially withdrew the ids, but still applied them to the community ID and counted the new IDs as separate making them both maverick.

Possibly the same bug as the one here:

Everything looks right now. In my experience taxon swaps sometimes take a while to fully process (propagate to all observations and IDs, re-index, etc.), especially for taxa with large numbers of observations, or at times of day with heavy system loads. If you check too soon, you may catch things in an incomplete state of change.


Odd, the taxon swap happened 7 months ago according to the IDs. I wonder if someone messed with it after I posted which caused the taxon swap to update. I checked it a couple times after posting too, but didn’t want to touch it so the developers would have a chance to check it out.

Can’t remember if this has been noted previously as a subspecies-related glitch:
Cherrie’s Tanager (Ramphocelus costaricensis) has been lumped into Ramphocelus passerini. The change was implemented in November. However, there are still 51 RG observations of the now inactive taxon: The identifications have been updated, but the taxon has not changed, though oddly some similar observations have been updated successfully.

Adding one more subspecies ID does make the change happen:

As mentioned in a similar topic,

I don’t think this is the case here as taxon swap was done back in November, seems too long a time?

Possible then that it’s an incomplete indexing issue, which seems to happen sometimes. One thing you can try is just toggling one of the DQA (Data Quality Assessment) items at the bottom of the page. (Just down-vote then up-vote again, or check and uncheck.) Sometimes this seems to force reindexing of observation data.

Also, can you include the URL of this specific observation, in case staff want to check it out further?

That sounds like it. Toggling the DQA seems to partially resolve things, eg where the Community ID is now correct but the individual IDs are still Maverick, while adding an agreeing ID fixes it completely

Thanks for the URLs. I will leave them alone in case Staff wants to investigate further. The first one you listed does seem stuck.

Another one:

[Addendum: and also all these:, as discovered thanks to another forum topic]

There are currently 64 orange-crowned warbler observations affected by this bug, as a result of the 1/15/20 taxon swap, e.g. this one: