Using computer vision to find suggestions not seen nearby

is there a way to turn off ’ seen nearby’? I usually want to use it, but i have a fern that i think is an introduced horticultural species, and that won’t show up on seen nearby. I just want to search the whole world using the ID algorithm. You used to be able to do this but i can’t find the way to do it now. Anyone kinow?

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There should be a button that says “Include suggestions not seen nearby” at the bottom of the list of suggestions.


Is that the one just above the one that says, “Include suggestions that will cause Identifiers to reach for the liquor cabinet key”?

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It can cause some issues but it’s there for legitimate reasons. For places where a taxon might be a range extension or simply hasn’t been seen in that area on iNat, it’s helpful.

Can you just leave the location blank and see what it comes up with then? I often will use the computer vision demo page to get suggestions for something I don’t intend to upload.

Yeah, the case here is of a potential newly introduced species or a naturalized unusual planted species. I don’t think it should be available as default, but there are definitely times when you know something probably isn’t in the local species.

In theory, but in practice i’m personally not likely to do this very often if at all. My workflow is using the app so i’d have to actively remove the location and then re-add it.

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In cases where the location is provided, I’ve seen CV sometimes give a “include suggestions not seen nearby” link but not always. Quite often that link is missing. Not sure what determines whether it is there or not.


Last year out here where I am a new invasive in this area was found just this way. CV was ‘pretty sure’ it was a genus that had no species observations in the area, even though I was seeing it proliferating at multiple widely separated sites. Resulted in expert involvement, herbarium accessions, and a publication.


Thanks. I figured that. Just showing some love for the ID soldiers on the front lines.


If you open the Compare tool on an observation and select “Visually Similar”, there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch “Seen Nearby” on, although it will label suggestions as “Seen Nearby” if they were. Does that do what you need?


I wanted to see the best match, without the location filter on. I should specify it is rare that i want to do this. I almost always do want the location filter on.

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I think that’s what the Compare Tool does, when you select “Visually Similar”.

The location filters there only appear to apply when selecting other options from the dropdown, such as “Source: Observations”

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