IDs which are not maverick showing as maverick

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On the observation linked, two IDs are showing as maverick despite there only being two IDs that disagree with them (the disagreement is temporary; these IDs will no longer be disagreeing after a pending taxon change, but that does not seem relevant to whether the behavior is a bug). As you can see in the community ID breakdown in the screenshot, the IDs are not calculated to be disagreeing. I have checked and uncheck ‘cannot be improved’ and voted on DQA flags to re-index the observation, to no effect. Screenshotted in case new IDs are added that fix the issue.

seems similar to

if you just care about the data, you could just force a reindex by making any change, and see if that resolves the particular observation.

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I have tried re-indexing multiple times and it has had no affect.

I added an ID and deleted it, no maverick now.

The misplaced mavericks seem to crop up around changes in taxonomy. Adding and deleting an ID has fixed it all the ones I’ve encountered, which is at least dozens. Just be aware that deleting an ID unfollows and unreviews the observation.



Taxonomy orphans can take overnight to update.

I am not certain if this is what fixed it or not. Reviewing the screenshots, @bouteloua also changed their ID to reactivate their old ID after I screenshotted it, so it also could have been that that made it work (or maybe both had to happen).

I have manually re-indexed several hundred similar observations today, including at least one seemingly nearly identical situation that was fixed by the standard re-index procedure, I was just flagging that this one specifically because it was not fixed in the standard way and so I thought maybe it indicated some kind of larger bug in the indexer.

Any moves that would have affected this all happened a while ago (maybe a week before the city nature challenge taxonomy lock was put in place).

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It had mavericks when I loaded the page. I immediately agreed with an ID. The page reloaded to no mavericks. I deleted the ID, there were still no mavericks. The mavericks were gone within 5 seconds of me loading the page.