Observation displays as "Research Grade", but only has two IDs which conflict

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So I posted this observation and was corrected based on a [sketchy] taxonomy split I didn’t realize was “real”. I recall “agreeing” with the revised ID - and certainly intended to - and left my comment to explain (reading between the lines, “I’m not one of those overzealous ID-confirmers”).

Either my second/revised ID disappeared somehow, or I never actually hit the button - either way, this is showing as RG, with only two IDs which conflict.

After reindexing the observation (by voting for something in the DQA and removing the vote), your second ID appeared. But unfortunately it can be difficult to diagnose why something fixed by reindexing had that issue in the first place.

Thanks! I just looked up the observation (I had searched “Spiranthes” in My Observations) and noticed this. I was about to just re-ID it, but thought it might be useful to put the screenshots here first, to prove it happened. If for no other reason than to know I wasn’t imagining it…


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