Slight change to Conservation Status editing

We just rolled out a change to the way conservations statuses are displayed/edited on the Edit Taxon page. This was mostly done to prevent this bug.

If you go to the Edit Taxon page, you’ll now see a list of all of the taxon’s conservation statuses:

If you edit a conservation status, or add a new one, you’ll be taken to a separate page that looks like this:

It has all of the same fields as the previous conservation status editor, just on a separate page with an easier to read layout. There’s also a Note section where you can explain why you’re editing/adding a conservation status. It’s optional, but please use it.

If you have any questions or comments, please ask them here. If you find any bugs, please make a topic in #bug-reports.


Editing on other places are not allowed anymore, e.g. checklists?

Can you please provide some details, like a screenshot? What exactly are you trying to edit there?

Hey @tiwane, you may want to fix the typo in your heading so that “Slight change to Consevation Status editing” instead reads, “Slight change to Conservation Status editing”.

Fixed. Thanks!