Adding a new conservation status incorrectly marks existing statuses as updated

Platform: Website


Description of problem:

Step 1: Add or update a conservation status, save changes

Step 2: Other statuses now incorrectly show as updated by you (see example link above)

Step 3: …profit?

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Related to new functionality:

Issues still persists, see this taxon updated today, only the fields for the Queensland status were changed yet both show as updated

Tried this a few times on our test server and couldn’t replicate. @lawnranger exactly what did you change for Dipodium punctatum?

Dipodium punctatum has two statuses one each for Queensland (QLD) and South Australia (SA) . I changed the following QLD fields: Status, URL and IUCN Equivalent. I did not update any fields for the SA status.

Caleana major and Caleana minor are other similar examples, when updating the (now) ‘Queensland, AU - Least concern’ status I made certain I only changed fields for that status, my cursor never entered any of the fields for the other statuses.

Made an issue here:

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This is happening to me today. I’ve been adding statuses to pest/exotic species in Australia that are threatened in their native range, so that I can remove the obscuration for the Australian records, and it’s marking me as having updated the existing statuses that I didn’t touch.


Weirdly for this one, it only marked me as having changed one of the statuses that I didn’t touch, not both

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more examples where I’m erroneously listed as an updater

but here’s one where it didn’t mark me as updating an existing status:

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Having the same issue as well. Here is one example:
Before making a change:

After making a change:

Changed that were made:

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Thanks, we’re looking into a potential fix.

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Just rolled out a fix to prevent this from occurring in the future. It won’t fix conservations statuses that are currently incorrectly marked, though.


Closing, as this should be fixed.

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