Contact information for programmers for iNaturalist

Could someone provide contact information for the software developers that created iNaturalist? We are creating a similar app for the Gulf of Mexico and would like to discuss with an experienced software developer.

Why not just use iNaturalist?

There are a lot of place-specific projects on the app itself and a bunch of state/region-specific tools that come out of the iNat data like this one:


Alexis, We have $2 million dollars for a project documenting natural resource “issues” in the Gulf and we have very specific requirements. We will be sending out a request for proposals for a developer to design our new app. Hope to find a good one. Glenn


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I’d suggest you take a look at iNaturalist on GitHub.


(in case anyone is interested: Biologists Developing Mobile App for Coastal Marine Assessment - Ole Miss News)

here’s a page with information about the iNat Staff and how they are organized: About · iNaturalist. they fall under the umbrella of the Cal Academy of Sciences.

if you’re mostly interested in technical stuff, or even if you’re not, you should probably start by reaching out to @kueda. (i think he responds if you send him a message through the forum here, or you can try to find other means if he doesn’t respond. for example, you could e-mail, and @tiwane will read the e-mail and forward it on to the appropriate person who needs to see it.)


Just to clarify, I’m generally the staff member that reads and will forward emails to the appropriate people.


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