Convenient way of selecting observations to be included in traditional projects

I would like to add a good bunch of observations to a recently created traditional project (in the order of several thousands of observations). To do it more conveniently, is there a way to pass a list of the observation links I’m intetested in adding to the project? I can recognize very easily, looking at the first photo, if the observation is valid or not for the project, but the task of clicking to open it, then another click to choose the project in question, then go back to the remaining observations seems a daunting task to achieve. Reaching each observer individually is another option that I’m currently I’m doing, but I would also like to do it myself as a curator of the project, to help speed up things. Has this feature or a similar one ever be requested? Should I start a new request?

You can use the API, pisum described one workflow here.

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