How do I add my observations to a project in bulk?

I’ve never been able to figure this out. Every time I join a project I’d like to add my observations to:

  • I see the “Add observations to the project” button
  • click it
  • get confused that I’m suddenly creating new observation
  • add a few observations manually, one by one
  • realize loading dozens to hundreds of obvs to do this is crazy
  • give up and never add them

Surely there is some way to just select which of my observations to add but I can’t figure it out. What am I missing?

A search of the forum turns up this tutorial:
Is this the kind of info you’re looking for?


I assume you’re referring to this?

(please include URLs in the future, it’s helpful to have specific pages to look at)

That is an oooold relic of projects and links to the original add observation page, before we added the current batch uploader in like 2016 or 2017. Personally I’m for getting rid of it but there was some pushback a few years ago when I brought it up.

If you join a traditional project and want to add your observations to it, the tutorial @cthawley posted is what you should follow. You can also click on this:

to get to your edit observations page.


Yes @tiwane, that was the button I’m referring to, I’m not sure who would be adding observations from that button.

I’ve also tried that Add From Your Observations button a bunch of times and similarly gotten confused and frustrated. It takes a while to scroll through a bunch of obvs to select them, then I’d try Edit Selected, nope that doesn’t work, go back, oh I have to select them all again, try Projects, same thing…

Somehow I never found the Add to Project button from within Batch Edit, it’s a pretty confusing UI. But I got it now, thank you.


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