Converting a "place" to a "project"

I have created an umbrella project and want to bring an already created place under the Umbrella project. That does not seem possible. Is it possible / easy to change a place to a project? Or do I have to start for scratch? Thanks.

You don’t really “convert” a place to a project - what you need to do is create a project associated with that place. To do that:

  1. go to the projects page,
  2. click the “Start a Project” button
  3. scroll down to “Collection Projects” and click “Get Started”
  4. name the project (can be the same name as the place) and add a brief summary description
  5. under “Observation Requirement” enter your place under “Include Places”
    (Optional: edit other project requirements)
  6. scroll down to the bottom and click “Done”

You should then be able to add the new project to your umbrella project.


And just to be clear, once a place exists in iNaturalist, it can be used to help select observations to include in any number of projects. One would never need to re-create the place.


Under “Observation Requirements” I see “Include Projects” not “include places”. And the search only appears to list projects when I do a search not places.

Thanks, see my reply to twainwright.

umbrella projects collect projects, not places. So every entity under the umbrella has to be a project


Thank you. But a project could have other projects and/or places under it?

the type of project you created only allows you to attach multiple projects to it. you’ll need to start over and select “Collection” project.

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That is what you’ll see under your existing “umbrella” project. I am talking about creating a new collection project that collects observations for your place, so you can add the new one as a project under the umbrella. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The way things work is:

  • Umbrella projects combine multiple collection (or traditional) projects
  • Collection projects collect observations based on specific places, taxa, or other criteria

So, you need a collection project to “sit” between your umbrella project and the place.

Thanks very much all for answers. I finally understand the small minor complications.

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