'Correct' Way to Add Out-of-use Scientific Names

Hello, I’ve been adding names to the taxon Mergus merganser ssp. orientalis.

I attempted to add the scientific name ‘Mergus merganser comatus’, now a synonym of orientalis, as part of the lexicon ‘Scientific Names’. However, after I pressed save, I was told only curators could actually add names through that lexicon. So, I added comatus through the English lexicon instead.

Is this the correct way of adding out-of-use scientific names? And is this the intended functionality?

Any input welcome :)

No, this is not correct. If you would like an older scientific name to be added, please add a flag with the info so a curator can add the name. I’ve fixed this one.

I would add that this is not really a curation priority in most instances, so perhaps consider only asking for outdated names that are commonly used or easily confused. Or you could apply to be a curator if you would like a lot of them to be added.


Thank you for the response! I think in this case it’s warranted given just how recent this revision was (at least after 2015).

But if it’s not a priority in most cases, I’ll avoid creating so many flags. Thank you!


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