Unable to add scientific name synonyms

Why can’t I add synonyms? I’ve always been able to add synonyms to plant taxa but now I can’t, Why now only curators can do it?

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Are you getting some kind of specific error message, and if so can you cut and paste it. I can see the flag you put in, but as far as I can tell, there are no curators assigned to plants. I’m not aware of any changes in policy.

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This message always appears when I try to add a synonym

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And you were able to do this before today ?

Any chance you forgot to set the ‘no’ it is not currently accepted selection ?

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I do not forget to select the “no” option, but it is quite strange, I just changed my account settings to Spanish and now I can add synonyms.

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I can replicate. We’ll take a look.


You already know this but when I tried adding a synonym in the English setting, it also gave me the runaround message stating only curators can add. However if it’s an English name, I can add it.

Now the message appears in INaturalist in Spanish

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