Marcar observaciones como nativas o endémicas

Me gustaría saber como marcar una observación como endémica o nativa.
La gran mayoría de mis observaciones son de las Islas Canarias y algunas especies/subespecies aparecen marcadas automáticamente como nativas o endémicas.
Sin embargo, hay otras que no aparecen marcadas aunque lo sean, ¿Cómo se puede añadir manualmente?
Muchas gracias de antemano.

From the checklist page for Islas Canarias you can edit the taxon and select Native or Endemic from the drop-down.

Search and filter may be helpful:

Then click Edit:

Then you can choose the establishment means:

If the taxon isn’t in the checklist, you can add it using Add to List in the upper right.

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wow thanks a lot, so helpful. Another cuestion. There is a list for the macaronesian species?

You can search for any place here:

The format will be similar to Canary Islands, so you can look at any checklist and edit in the same way.

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There is a community curated place with a checklist:
(Islas Canarias is a Standard Place maintained by iNaturalist. Community curated places can be created by anyone.)

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okay :heart: thanks

oh I see, thanks a lot

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