COVID-19 backyard iNaturalist in Australia Capital Territory - check your garden for invasive plants

In the Australian Capital Territory we are about to commence a backyard bioblitz to give people something constructive to do while isolated at home. See this link to the weed swap - bioblitz project . Promotion via the iNaturalist facebook page would be very welcome.
Kind Regards
Steve Taylor (@steve818 )
Project Ranger
ACT Parks and Conservation Service
Canberra, Australia


Such a great idea. All the very best!


I think I’ll do something similar. I’ve not got a yard, but there’s weeds growing in the sidewalk just outside my apartment. I can get those.


Fantastic banner graphic! However, I would suggest that before the bioblitz begins you’d have example observations “mugshots” already in the project of the most wanted plants.


@steve818 Welcome to the forum! This is an excellent idea. :-)

Yes at the moment people have to click on one of the species listed under ‘project requirements’ to check what the species look like.

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