Crash on opening photo library after update to iOS 13

Since updating to iOS 13 when I try to submit an observation, the app crashes entirely when I try to open my photos.

Video included, the screen is black because I covered my camera, that works fine though.

Hmm, it’s working ok for me. Which device are you using, and which version of the app is installed on it?

iPhone 8, app is current one, 2.8

I have the same problem as manticore. Since upgrading to IOS 13 on iPhone X, the app always crashes when I choose a photo. I have the latest version of iNat.


Just updated to 13.1 and it’s still happening. Redownloaded the app fresh even.


Same problem here, after selecting photo for new observation the app crashes. iPhone XR iOS13.1.1. It seems to happen with pics that are stored in iCloud. If you download it first to the device, it doesn’t happen.

It seems to work if you change the Storage settings in the Photos Settings. Check ‘Download and Keep Originals’ instead of ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’.


I don’t use iCloud for my photos at all, and I’m having the problem.

Same problem, very annoying

I’m going to close this thread, this one is about the same issue:

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